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YARD 2.0 - Logistics Processes Automation, Hardware and Software Package
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YARD 2.0
The Weight Flow Process Control is a hardware and software package for automation of in-house logistics, including the following:

▪ Subsystem: the check-point parking arrangement;
▪ Subsystem: entry control;
▪ Subsystem: vehicle weighing and traffic control;
▪ Subsystem: the material asset control at the YARD territory.

3% Turnover
The economic effect from the DCT products implementation
Implementation objectives
To shut out the employee error and its negative influence.
To raise the loyalty in contractor communication.
To control the facilities and objects territorially – to unite all the check points into a shared information space.
To provide on-line reporting.
To optimize the logistics. To increase the traffic capacity up to 2500 vehicles per day. To provide anti-terror security.
To provide actual documentation on equipment readings.
YARD 2.0 - Control and automation system for entire logistics in your company
Electronic queue
▪ Access control office issues the pass for the vehicle;

▪ The real time data from the access control office is directed to the ERP, and the ERP transfers it to the Weigh Flow system data base;

▪ The system forms the vehicle queue and allows the access to the check-point based on the security service information;

▪ When a space at the weighing station is free, the table shows the related vehicle ID number;

▪ The voice alarm system informs on the vehicle entry on the check point. The vehicle ID plate number is displayed on the screen.

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